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QUE PCs is setup to help people solve computer problems, Hardware or Software, what ever the problem is, we will
find the answer one way or another. Any tech is supported from TV's phone we will see what we can do to help.

So please contact Malcolm Cuzick & arrange a call out or
over the phone help to fix the problem you have.

I can call your land line free for 60mins a time, I can talk you through what is needs to be done.

QUE PCs allso sell's second hand part's and new part's on www.Eboot.cuzick.co.uk, that have been collected from sale stock,
upgrades or spair's & repair's. Please have a look & if you need somethink, fitting, that can be aranged as well?

Please note that all repairs will now be done on the fly as and when they come in and this may increase repair time from 3 day and longer.
Testing is part of fixing and this will no longer be done and will fix from your computer only and will increase time we have your computer.
Sale item's on...
By clicking on the Eboot link above, you can have a look at items for sale. Please note, not all items are to do with
computer's. There may be other items of interest to you, so please have a look you never know.

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* By Malcolm Cuzick