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Download programs?
Download Open Office. Free office package.
Download Spy Bot SD. Scan for spy ware & add ware.
Download Skype Phone over the Internet for free or paid service.
Download Windows 10 Update Tool Help update to Windows 10 or create Install disk.
Download Allway Sync free for home use Back up Files & more to a Network or USB drive.
Download Windows update Keep your windows OS up to date.
Download Add Blocker Plus Stop adds slowing your computer or internet down.
Download Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your
home PC
Download BBC Iplayer Stream or Download programs from the BBC.
Download Firefox Internet Browser
Download XPS Viewer Save Doc's & send to others, free to intall & no extra unwanted
software installed.
Download Google Chrome Internet Browser Not recommended but game may work

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