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Welcome to Que PCs, www.quepcs.co.uk or www.quepcs.cuzick.co.uk
Where PC support starts and where E.Boot or RC Attractions will be hosted.
Email will also change to quepcs@cuzick.co.uk

Help with PC repairs, buying, upgrading, hardware or software.
Help diagnose system problems like viruses, spyware, slow running or not working.
Help upgrade your system the most cost effective way, with new or second hand parts.
Help keep your computer optimised with the latest drivers and valeted.

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Your entire computer needs from Hardware, Software and peripherals.
Tell us what you need and we will try to find it for you?
We will recycle your old goods & they will be given to user's
with a fitting charge to cover the cost of collection & fitting.
If you have any old computer parts then please contact me.
Take a look at some items for sale when you enter QUE PCs?

United Kingdom

Extra callout charge depending on distance & job?

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